Stash Busters Sets

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The Stash Buster range of templates feature our fabric guide and the points trimmed to make piecing easy. The unique design makes for a stable cutting action, no slipping.

House Stash Busters Set contains one house and half house to finish off the rows.

Puzzler Stash Buster Set includes two sizes per set with two sets available:
  - 2-1/2″ + 4-1/2″ set
  - 2″ + 3-1/2″ set

Pieced Equilateral Triangle Stash Buster Set contains one triangle and one 1/2 triangle to finish off the rows. Ideal for jelly rolls.

Tumbler Stash Buster Set contains a tumbler and 1/2″ tumbler to finish off the rows. Available in 2″ and 5″ finished sizes.

Half Hexagon Stash Buster Set contains one 1/2 hexagon and one 1/4 hexagon to finish off the rows. The 1/2 hexagon can be used alone to make a checkered hexagon. Available in 1-1/2″, 2″ and 2-1/2″ sizes.

Starla Stash Buster Set: Set of 2 templates with fabric guide.

Lyra Stash Buster Set: 3 piece set. Makes the maltese cross and variations and is block 30, 31 and 50 in the family reunion sampler quilt.

Quarter Square Triangle Stash Buster Set: contains one quarter square triangle and will make perfect 4″ finished units.

Vespera Stash Buster Set: contains set of 5 templates with fabric guide.

Hoshi Stash Buster Set: contains set of 3 templates with fabric guide.

Astra Stash Buster Set: contains set of two templates with fabric guide.

Sterling Stash Buster Set: contains set of 4 templates with fabric guide.

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