Westalee Design templates - getting started collection

The best place to start if your new to ruler quilting. 

I have curated a collection of templates that are most useful at this stage of your quilting journey.

When you are just getting going you will need to know what is required.  This is why I have detailed them in this collection for you.  The Ruler Work kit is a great start, adding the sewslip mat or the grid glider to help your quilts move easily under your machine.

You can also buy the items individually to add to what you may already have.  Each of the templates comes with Stable Tape to stop the rulers slipping.  Once this has run out you can also buy the Sticky Stuff to replace it as needed.

So here is a summary of what you will need, all avalible in the collection below;


Westalee Design Ruler work kit 

Sewslip mat or grid glider

stitching line discs

Sashlee quilt ruler

Sticky stuff


Westalee Design ruler foot and straight arc template

12.5" Crosshair ruler 8 point

Westalee Design Sampler Set of 6 templates

Spacer gauge

Stitching line discs

Sashlee quilt ruler

Sewslip mat or grid glider

Sticky stuff


Also online classes and patterns are available to get you started!