Free motion quilting sampler class coming in October, register your interest now

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Dates to be adding in October 2016.  Register your interest now by calling Anita on 0430 135281 or adding to your other class purchases.  (You will not be charged until you are notified the class is going ahead).

 Cost of class will be $350 which includes your classes and kit.

Would you like to learn how to machine quilt your patchwork tops with free motion flare? 

Do you work during the week?  This class runs on Sundays!

This is a fabulous class to get you started!  

It is aimed at beginners and those quilters who have done some quilting but would really like to improve their skills.  Class size is limited to 8 to allow for plenty of personal help.

This is a three day course run on three Sundays so that students who are busy during the week can attend.  The class runs from 10 am to 4 pm and the class fee includes the quilt kit.  You will get to know the capabilities of your sewing machine and how you can use it in ways that you didn't think possible. 

You will construct a simple quilt top that has been carefully designed to teach you many fundamental quilting techniques including: 

Simple patchwork construction and pressing skills

Quilt sandwich preparation

Machine set up and tension issues for free motion quilting

Accurate stitch in the ditch

Stitching out many free motion quilting designs

Quilting design choices

How to keep a good balance to your quilting

How to adapt designs to make more designs to use on all  your quilts. 

You will take home a gorgeous sampler quilt full of newly learnt quilting techniques and designs that you can refer to and utilise in all your future quilts. 

You will have gained knowledge on how to quilt your patchwork tops and will be well on your way to great free motion quilting skills.  Oh and its fun and we have lots of laughs too.

If all that wasn't enough I love to bake and make  a yummy morning tea each day.  Byo lunch.


Sewing Machine

Most sewing machines are capable of free motion quilting.  Some have features that make it easier.   If you are not sure please ask for advice on either your existing machine or if you are in the lucky position  to be buying a new one.

Please bring your machine manual to class.  If you do not have a free motion foot please contact me as I can provide a ruler foot for you which can be used for free motion quilting and quilting with rulers.  It is also very reasonably priced at $55 which includes one ruler to get you going.



Three days of uninterrupted ‘me’ time to quilt away under the guidance of an expert teacher.

Quilt kit

 Quilt kit includes

1  m cotton wadding (240 cm wide)

1.5 m Linen/cotton blend fabric for the top and binding

Jelly roll strips in coordinating colours

2 x 10.5 strips and 2 x 14.5 strips same colour (Colour A  important to keep together)

6 x 10.5  strips mixed colours, all different to each other and to colour A (known as colour B)

One large spool of matching Aurifil thread (to match linen/cotton blend)

Student to provide

1.5 metres of calico  (approx 120 cm wide) to be cut into approximately 40 cm squares for practice pieces.  This doesn't need to be exact as the practise squares can be a little smaller or larger.  I will have calico to purchase at class if you don't have any already.

(There will be plenty of wadding left over from the kit for the sample squares).

1m (standard width 112cm) backing fabric with a pattern of your choice. It is good to have a similar light neutral background in the design for the quilting stitches to blend in and a pattern colour that also blends with the colour chosen for the piecing strips.


In addition you will need to provide:

Thread and bobbins light medium and dark tones for practice, any brand.
Sewing machine 
Sewing machine manual
A couple of plastic file pockets and a whiteboard marker pen

Extension table for sewing machine

Sewing kit, eg, scissors, pins, seam ripper, tape measure etc.

The following items are available to purchase on the day if you do not have them.

Basting spray (available from Anita).

Machine Quilting needles . A mix size pack is useful. (Available from Anita).

Sewline marking pens. Quilting gloves (available from Anita).

Calico for practise (available from Anita).

Class will cost $350 including your classes and kit.