Glide Thread 60 weight - Pick your colors from the menu

$22.00 AUD
  • $22.00 AUD
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60wt. filament polyester thread used for sewing, quilting and embroidery. Can also be used as a bobbin thread.

A great choice for small letter embroidery, micro-stippling & fine-detail quilting.

Makes a great bobbin thread & is produced from the same high tenacity filament polyester as our patented "Magna-Glide Classic" bobbin.

Very fine in diameter with tremendous bendability characteristics.

Glide 60 runs lint-free through your machine’s needle & tensioners.

Size 9/65 needle for its fine size & oversized eye

I do keep alot of stock of the Glide Thread, after all it is my favorite thread for quilting.

If I do not have your colour in stock I will place it on my fortnightly order to the supplier.  You can expect delivery to you within 4 weeks.

I will always email you to let you know if the thread is in stock or if it needs to be ordered.

When your thread is sent out, I use express post satchels costing $12.20. 

You can fit 6 of the 5000m spools in one bag.  You can squeeze 25 of the 1000m spools in the bag.

Of course if you are buying other items, such as templates then the number would reduce.

If your overall shipping is going to be over the price of the small express satchel i will get in touch with you.