Tidy Tote pattern using the Office Works Drawer set from Australia, also from Container Store online in US and selected countries

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The Tidy Tote allows you to pack all the things you need for classes and retreats, and keep them in one place, right where you need them.  No need to ever unpack again - just zip and set up next to your machine.  Never forget a thing again.

The Tidy Tote by Anita, is proving very popular with quilters across the world. Even those whose hobbies are not sewing can use the Tidy Tote to hold all their essentials to take to classes.  I have one for quilting, one for painting and of course one which holds everything I need to teach classes as I travel around the country.

The pattern is very detailed with full colour images and two size options for the Tidy Tote itself and two sizes of the Tidy Tote Baskets. 

Dimensions of Australian box: H23 x L34 x W25 cm

Also avaliable at the Container Store in the US and for delivery to selected countries.

Please note the zippers that are cut to length will not work for the long zippers.  You will need to purchase open ended zips that open and close easily.  These are included in the kits that go with the pattern

The pattern is for purchasers personal use only.  Please respect copyright so that designers can keep spending time developing wonderful patterns for everyone to enjoy.

The pattern is available in the following formats:

  • Printed copy to be mailed out to Australia; $25 AUD plus $2.50 postage to Australia 
  • PDF download,  $18 AUD (suitable for using on an iPad or similar,and can now be printed) .  

It is recommended that you download to your iPad or computer and view the images and pattern that way.  Instructions are colour coded so if you wish to print off the pattern at home, please do so in colour.

Why not organise a 2 day class to make your Tidy Tote with your group, guild or shop.  I am always happy to travel to you.  Call me on 0430 135281 to organise this, or a wholesale order for your shop.


The Tidy Tote Pattern options

The Tidy Tote pattern is available in three versions, with two sizes in each version;

  1. Tidy Tote original - using the A4 file box that is avalaible easily in Australia from Office Works.  It can also be purchased from The Container Store in the US and Canada.
  2. Tidy Tote - using the Sterilite Box, easily purchased from Walmart in the US and Canada.  You may be able to find it elsewhere but it could be expensive.
  3. Tidy Tote - using the Variera Shelves from Ikea.  Easily avaliable worldwide.

Each of these is availabe to purchase seperatley.

The other option, if you cannot decide which one to make is to buy the Tidy Tote patterns and classes bundle.  You will then have options depending on which insert you choose to use. Plus the added bonus of the Tidy Tote online classes

Tidy Tote Online classes with ALL the PDF patterns

  • All Tidy Tote pdf patterns included.
  • Watch 3 hours of online video classes any time you like and as often as you like.  
  • Start when it is is convenient to you.  
  • Every step is a separate video. 19 videos in total, demonstrating the techniques used to construct your Tidy Tote.
  • Jump to any of the 19 videos to check up on a step.
  • A total of 3 hours of online videos showing all steps from start to finish.
  • All the help you could ever need to make your own unique Tidy Tote.

There are also kits avaliable which include the sometimes hard to find bag making requirements.  I've done the hard work for you.

The videos are viewable online at any time whenever you like, in what order you like.

If you follow the link, you can sign in without making a payment, and have a look at the first couple of videos to see what you will be purchasing.

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As a Quilting Teacher I had the need to transport my "tools of the trade" as efficiently as I could. I tried lots different bought bags and cases but none where, "just right", so I decided to make my own. Even when I am not on the move the Tidy Tote is a really good place to keep all my stuff in one place next to my sewing machine at home.

That initial pattern has then been honed, tried and tested to a point where I was comfortable offering it to my students and other clients. Many of them as you can see from the picture have made them too. I really enjoy seeing students bringing them to my classes and hearing how useful they find them.

I started just selling the pattern, then got requests for the items that made up the bag,  So I have decided to make it easier for you to source them and now offer a kit in many colour options with or without the wadding. For the material many people have mentioned they get to use something from their "stash".

The feedback I get back is that the kits are of good quality and people find the pattern easy to follow. You can check that out on my facebook page.

I hope you have fun making your Tidy Totes and get lots of use out of them.