Design Challenge Zoom Course 6 weeks throughout July, August & September 2022

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A six week zoom course to explore your quilting templates and your imagination.

What will I achieve?

  1. The goal is to expand your knowledge of what you can do with the Westalee Design Templates you already own and come up with your own designs.
  2. Each class you will be presented with a different challenge to create a design in specified block sizes using random templates in your collection.
  3. Sign up to a 1 hour zoom meeting for each design. This is with Anita Ellis and the other students completing the designs.
  4. Designs will be drawn out on paper and are fat quarter friendly (based on the US size 18” x 22”).
  5. The end result will be a work book filled with your drawn designs.
  6. It is your choice how to go forward, leave it as a workbook or stitch out your designs to create a reference quilt or individual blocks.
  7. The class is not recorded as it is a very interactive class.
  8. There is a private Facebook group set up to share photos and ideas amongs the group for the duration of the course.

Dates of the course all in July and August 2022
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Sign up for the six week course for only $50.

Class fee is non refundable but priced so that if you have to miss a week it is still great value.

What will happen at each class?

  1. Before you come to class an email will be sent to you with this sessions block layout.
  2. Draw up this block before class. You may want to draw up the layout two or three times. This will give you the option of making multiple designs, or even multiple mistakes and starting again!
  3. Gather your supplies and have your Westalee templates handy.
  4. Sign into the zoom session and meet your class mates.
  5. The sessions challenge will be introduced to you and away you will go for a period of time to draw up your ideas. The time frame will differ, depending on the challenge.
  6. Take a photo of your design and send it to Anita, by text preferably to 0430 135281, or by email to
  7. Then the group will gather again to discuss the results and make any of the changes suggested.
  8. All photos can be added to the private Facebook group for sharing with the group for the duration of the course.
  9. How much fun is this going to be!

What you will need?

  1. A scrap book or large drawing pad. The kids section of office supplies shop is a good place to look. Office works in Australia sells a kids scrap book that opens up to measure 19" x 27½". The blocks will be no bigger than 18” x 22" so will fit into this easily. There are many options at your local store.
  2. Paper can always be taped together should you not be able to find a scrap book big enough. Just be sure that it is big enough for the block, 18" x 22". Leave some space to write any instructions on for future reference.
  3. Your existing collection of Westalee Design templates. Each session we will pick from what you have to design your block. If you have none, the starter set of templates is a good place to start.
  4. Long patchwork ruler, 24", to draw block designs on paper. The block layouts are simple to replicate.
  5. Square cutting rulers are also handy to draw the block layouts.
  6. 12½" Crosshair ruler with 8 divisions for block drawing.
  7. If you have it the 8½" square Crosshair ruler will be useful but not essential.
  8. Westalee Design Stitching line discs
  9. Echo guides are useful too.
  10. Pencils and pens that fit inside the stitching line discs. Fine liners are good, as it a sharpened lead pencil.
  11. An eraser for changes of mind.
  12. Phone camera to capture the image to send back to the zoom meeting.
  13. The ability to sign into the zoom session for the discussion and sharing of ideas.
  14. Your imagination and sense of fun.

Anyone can sign up for these groups, but numbers will be limited to allow for feedback. If there is demand another session will be added. Any updates will be advertised on my Facebook group;

A quilting Education. Please feel free to join the group for updates.

Zoom FAQ’s

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