Patterns and Instructions

Down Under Runner Piecing and Quilting Pattern (Limited availability Paper pattern).

Hillside Quilting


A complete project using:

Westelee Design Adjustable piecing rulers and products

Westelee Design Ruler foot and Quilting Templates 

The Pattern and Detailed Instruction is available now in paper form in limited numbers and takes you through the whole process step by step.

From piecing with those amazing Westelee Adjustable rulers that you may already have, to quilting on your own domestic sewing machine using the Westelee Design Ruler foot and Templates

Don't you just hate buying something and not knowing what to do with it when you get home.  Now you can use this complete project to utilise your previous purchases of Westelee Design Rulers and Templates.

The required templates, rulers and tools are available to purchase individually and also as a complete set at a heavily discounted price.  And of course you will use these time and time again, now that you know what to do with them.


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Hillside Quilting
Come along to the unique teaching environment of my Warrandyte quilting school. I offer classes in free motion quilting as well as classes using the Westalee Design ruler foot and templates.  
I love to share my extensive knowledge of the quilting process with my students and have them leave the studio with the confidence to quilt their own quilts.
West ale designs rulers

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