New classes from Hillside Quilting at The Great Australian Craft Show #6

Posted by Anita Ellis on

It was time for me to get onboard with the Great Australian Craft Show (GACS).

I created three new classes for the event.

The first is one very close to my heart.  It is called "My Favourite Quilty Things".  It is a talk giving information on the quilting notions I use everyday with my quilting.  This is the information I get to give people when I travel to teach classes or students visit my home studio to learn.

It was nice to be able to share this knowledge during these difficult times.

If you are in the need of new quilting notions, you can choose from my curated notions collection.

The other two classes I created were two parts of the same project.

Spinning out - a sampler quilt crating flowers with Westalee Design Spinefex rulers

Part 1 is all about creating beautiful flower motifs using the ever versatile Westalee Design Spinefex rulers. 

Part 2 is all when we get to join the blocks using the Westalee Design Sashlee Quilt  method.

So do check them out at the Great Australian Craft Show website.

The requirements and other details are also available at my website too

So have some fun with that.  Spinning Out is aimed at those starting to quilt with Westalee Design Rulers. If you have some experience you can use the information in the classes to help you go off on your own designing tangent.

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